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We get alot of emails with questions so here you can find some of the most common ones.



How do I order?

To order 2m fabric you add 2 items in the cart.

How long is one item?

One item is 1meter unless 0,5m choise is awailable. If you order several pieces you get it in one whole piece.

What is the fabric width and how much does the fabric weigh?

You can find the weigh and width in each items info. The fabrics are usually 140-150cm wide.

How do I change language or currency?

The prices are in swedish crown but its possible to choose currency and language up in the left corner.


How much will the shipping to my country be?

The shipping is calculated by weight and you can see how mutch it will be in checkout by clicking on the  country button on the right under subtotal.

The shipment calculator only works up to 8kg so for big orders please contact us for shipping price.

How long will the shipping take?

Sweden 1-3 days ,

Europe 5-7 days 

Rest of the world 5-14 days

Please note these time frames may be longer around holidays and if we have alot of order the packing time can be a bit longer.

If your order has not been delivered within a reasonable time frame, please notify us immediately.

What is my tracking number?

when you order you get a confirmation email with the tracking. Please check your trash mail aswell.





My item is damaged or can I change color?

See terms.




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